Mansur Abdul-Malik: Emerging Leader

Please join us in congratulating our very own Mansur Abdul-Malik, Vice President, Development, NHPF, who has been honored at the HAND Annual Meeting with a 2021 Housing Achievement Emerging Leader Award for his “deep commitment to the work of our field and the passion he shows for his work and for the potential for future impact that energizes and challenges those around him.”


The NHPF 5th Annual Symposium

The organization is also humming with Symposium activity. Our program lineup includes Symposium Conversations, moderated by Laura DeMaria, MPA, Executive Director, National Association for County Community and Economic Development, continuing our much-anticipated series of stimulating dialogues with a “Who’s Who” in America’s affordable housing policy and implementation. Click here for more information, to become a sponsor, make a contribution, and to purchase tickets.

Drawing insights from the foreclosure crisis, the growing scarcity of affordable homes and the injustice of systemic racism, the Symposium gives us all the opportunity to help shape a clear vision and strong course of action to navigate the post-pandemic world.


NHPF  Recognized as 42nd Annual Telly Award Winners

Sole Affordable Housing Organization Honored Claims Two Awards
NHPF has been awarded a 2021 Gold Telly Award for a video telling the history of Baltimore’s affordable housing from decades-old segregation in high poverty areas to the successful single-family scattered site rental housing at Hollander Ridge, provided by NHPF.

The video entitled “Unconventional Affordable Housing: Yes! In My Backyard” is the Gold Telly Winner  in Non-Broadcast: Diversity and Inclusion and the Silver Telly Winner in Non-Broadcast: Social Impact. The video demonstrates how NHPF, with help from the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, acquired and rehabilitated 94 units of affordable housing and is part of the overall positive progress the City has made in providing much needed housing for people of low and middle income.


NHPF has spent the last quarter expanding our portfolio via new acquisition and preservation of housing that is affordable to people of low and middle income.

NHPF is very proud of its work acquiring and rehabilitating our first scattered site individual rental housing in Baltimore City, MD, Hollander Ridge. We’re also honored to have secured $80M in funding to renovate Sunset Bay, 308 apartments units in Cutler Bay, FL. And most recently, NHPF announced the acquisition of funding to create a townhome development containing 56 rental apartments in New Haven, CT. Please read more about these projects and all NHPF transactions here.


Our Top Five Picks in the Second Quarter of 2021

A mix of media has come to the fore examining everything from the Tulsa massacre to the culture of Washington Heights, always with the specter of housing somewhere in the stories. Learn, celebrate, and experience the following:

  1. In the Heights Film version of Lyn Manuel-Miranda’s Broadway musical about a NYC bodega owner who saves every penny as he imagines and sings about a better life
  2. God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons from the Bronx Hilarious book by Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, multi-talented comedians, writers, and podcasters
  3. Blindspot: Tulsa Burning Podcast about Tulsa's thriving Greenwood District, set on fire in 1921 by a white supremacist mob, and the scars that remain 100 years later
  4. Somebody’s Daughter: A Memoir Author Ashley C. Ford confronts the crimes of her father
  5. Fire in Little Africa Event commemorating the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre with the top rappers, singers, musicians and visual artists in Oklahoma

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About the NHP Foundation
Headquartered in New York City with offices in Washington, DC, and Chicago, IL, The NHP Foundation (NHPF) was launched on January 30, 1989, as a publicly supported 501(c)(3) not-for-profit real estate corporation. NHPF is dedicated to preserving and creating sustainable, service-enriched multifamily housing, and single-family homes that are both affordable to low and moderate income families and seniors, and beneficial to their communities. NHPF’s Construction Management Group provides
in-house resources dedicated to infrastructure review, infrastructure development and costs management. Through Family-Centered Coaching, NHPF’s subsidiary Operation Pathways engages with, and assists, families experiencing poverty and other hardship, to problem-solve together. Through partnerships with major financial institutions, the public sector, faith-based initiatives, and other not-for-profit organizations, NHPF has 57 properties, including nearly 10,000 units, in 16 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, please visit
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